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We invest in our preparation and materials but above all our relationship with those we tutor. Expertise and knowledge bought to you with the energy and insight that guarantee an inspired and meaningful learning environment.

Junior school tuition groups

English (as a foreign language) has many different guises in junior schools. It might not always have a high priority. For children in the last year at junior school, it can become very much a question of ’hit or miss’.

We find it a strange situation that there is no English in the ‘CITO’ test, yet English is the only compulsory modern foreign language in secondary education. We like to think of our junior school groups as a fun learning place where children can combine their own interests with the English speaking world. For kids it is a pleasurable alternative to learning a musical instrument or joining a sports club.

In groups between 3-6 children we will provide a unique learning environment that will bring the English speaking world that bit closer and invigorate the experiences at school.

Fun and learning with a goal

Private Tuition for children 12-18

It might not be possible to buy results, but ‘peace of mind’ comes in a close second! The modern day classroom, with 30+ pupils, offers little individual attention for struggling pupils. Many institutions facilitate that ‘peace of mind’ very well. A thorough framework of assessment and constant monitoring help pupils to plan and learn outside school.

We offer the peace of mind of established institutions but with the added expertise of the English teacher who (in the classroom) has to divide his/her time between 30 other pupils. Expertise is where the comparison stops. We will never repeat a school lesson with repeat materials.

We pride ourselves on the extra degree of energy and attention that we dedicate to tutor-pupils. Providing extra expertise, extra inspiration and extra materials are the starting point for our’ lessons’.

Never repetitive always inspirational

Students and Young professionals

We will help you find your way in the world of English for specific purposes. Academic English or vocational English can become abstract in nature and far removed from day to day use or what you learned at school. We will improve your link to the everyday world with your thesis, project or subject matter.

We will break things down and teach you how to simplify and not just intensify your studies.

Using organisation and preparation to get you past the post

Private tuition for adults

EISOB understands the varied needs of the adult population. We will inspire you to not just learn more English but improve on and adapt your existing English skills. We will make every holiday an opportunity, help you do more in-depth reading, hold meaningful conversations and learn more about your existing hobbies or interests.

We offer bespoke all-round packages based on your ability and requirements. Alternatively we can provide conversation or writing lessons focusing on a specific skill you need or aspire to. Our considerable experience will help you formulate realistic goals and find your feet quickly.

Finding the right level to build, inspire and achieve


Posted in a foreign country for your work? Starting employment with a new multi-national organization? Been handed new foreign clients? Looking to expand into global markets?

We can help you further develop existing skills, teach you new ones and give you the necessary tools to achieve your goals. We embrace the opportunity to dive into your area of work expertise and help you create a framework for sustained progress in your ‘Business English’. From the fashion world to the Human genome we have covered it all. We excel in teamwork helping you getting the best out of yourself whilst enjoying the process.

The EISOB view is that it’s never just work, it is an investment in yourself and your future.

In-depth research and collaboration = teamwork


Please feel free to make an enquiry and receive free advice and consultation regarding your training needs.

Customer satisfaction

We believe in continuous assessment. We conduct a full evaluation every 5 – 6 weeks. We are careful to only set realistic goals with those receiving our tutoring.

Terms and conditions

- All course materials included in the price.
- Tutored in your home, workplace or venue of choice.
- Free trial lesson available.

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